About Us

Rhino Linings provides premium spray applied protective coatings and linings for corrosion resistance, impact, chemical and abrasion resistance, waterproofing solutions, tank linings and pipe linings in addition to polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings.

Rhino Tuff Stuff is Rhino Lining’s premium product. Rhino Tuff Stuff is a rubberised liquid spray membrane. It has 375% elongation, with high flexibility with the film thickness starting from 1mm to any thickness to match client’s needs, a rapid curing time as short as 10 seconds. Rhino Tuff Stuff is also environmentally friendly and solvent- free. Rhino Tuff Stuff can be bonded on almost any surface such as timber, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel and much more.

As an authorised Rhino Linings dealer, we specialise in vehicle protective coatings, spray applied waterproofing membranes, industrial floor coatings, marine applications and military protective coatings.

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