Rhino ArmaFloor For Drive Ramp

Why protect concrete floors?

Self-levelling linings from Poly Lining can transform any commercial or residential complex into a safe and beautiful space that will work for a very long time. Be it an office, store, garage, or workshop this flooring can be laid on an existing concrete floor and it will mask any unevenness creating a smooth finish. Chemical,…

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Why invest in good industrial flooring?

New Zealand health and safety laws require businesses to continually identify and reduce risks at work. To prevent accidents at the work place and protect workers, the public and other staff, businesses have to ensure flooring used inside and outside the building is safe, easy to use and maintain, slip resistant and suitable to their…

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Why is it important to get waterproofing right?

New Zealand construction industry suffered the leaky homes crisis in the 90s. Some houses that were built from the mid-1990s did not comply with the Building Code. The materials that were used in construction along with the designs all contributed to the leaky home syndrome. Weather tightness became an issue. Moisture began building up and…

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Coatings have evolved across time, which is the best protective coating for you?

Cave dwellers used “paint” thousands of years ago. But paint and coatings, as we know it, evolved after the Industrial Revolution. Not only did the industry grow in content and variety, there were newer markets for paints and coatings. They were everywhere, in almost everything that needed to look better and needed protection.  Today paints…

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For Impact and abrasion resistant coatings

For all of your needs, durable, seamless, spray-on protective coating Protective coatings are vital for the safety and even restoration of many home, business, and vehicle surface areas. Spray-on coatings and linings have a variety of uses and can be applied for waterproofing areas, flooring restoration, and even industrial vehicle lining. Spray-on coatings come in…

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Sprayed Electrical insulation coating

Spray applied electrical insulation coating Heavy industrial, light commercial, and automotive businesses need look no further, Rhino Linings are the world’s number one manufacturer and distributor of spray-on protective coating materials. Rhino Linings have been manufacturing and distributing seamless spray applied coating materials and equipment for over twenty five years now, and their superior systems…

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Rhino Seamless Protective Coating

Spray-on seamless waterproofing coatings Many surfaces in our homes and businesses require a protective coating to avoid becoming damaged. Rhino Linings supplies spray-on coatings to not only protect surface areas, but to solve waterproofing problems which may have already occurred. Leaky buildings, seeping flat roofs, cracked swimming pools, dripping gutters, and even water tank cracks…

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