Coatings have evolved across time, which is the best protective coating for you?

Cave dwellers used “paint” thousands of years ago. But paint and coatings, as we know it, evolved after the Industrial Revolution. Not only did the industry grow in content and variety, there were newer markets for paints and coatings. They were everywhere, in almost everything that needed to look better and needed protection.  Today paints and coatings not only play a valuable role in household and consumer goods, but also in protecting and maintaining industrial products.

Industrial coatings are hard-wearing products that protect against corrosion – mostly steel or concrete – but they are widely used in different areas. They are a type of paint and come in many kinds like resins, xylene and lubricants. From offshore oil rigs to steel structures, these coatings protect against wear and tear. The steel industry, textile, marine and defence sectors have all taken advantage of the benefits of these coatings. Depending on where they are used they can be heat-resistant and waterproof. They increase the hardiness of the substrate and make it look better. They can create a non-slip surface. In areas that need parts to keep moving, these coatings provide a non-stick surface.

Concrete, steel, timber can all be affected by water leakage and fluid penetration. Corrosion and rust issues can lead to losses that can amount to thousands of dollars. Businesses need coatings to protect industrial equipment and maintain them in peak condition. Waterproofing solutions are not new. However, not many of these products have been effective in reducing risk and improve security. Companies are looking for better sealants that minimise this risk.

Rhino Linings provide the perfect solution to issues such as leakage, impact, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion. Today, with all the advances in this field, spray application of these coatings and instant curing allows for a quick turnaround time. A business can customise the coating depending on the surface. These high-strength coatings can be applied very quickly and is ready in seconds. Membranes applied to treated surface are robust and survive in harsh weather. They extend the life of the surfaces affected by the sun.

Industrial coatings will save you time and money. Getting the right type of coating is crucial.  Experts like Rhino Linings are available to recommend your business or home on the best type of coating for the project or investment. The team will make sure that the coatings deliver the protection your surface and business demands. They manufacture and sell premium protective coating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. For over 25 years the products have been used by consumers and businesses around the world who have appreciated its versatility and strength.

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