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Protective coatings are vital for the safety and even restoration of many home, business, and vehicle surface areas. Spray-on coatings and linings have a variety of uses and can be applied for waterproofing areas, flooring restoration, and even industrial vehicle lining. Spray-on coatings come in a variety of forms including: spray-on fire resistant coating, impact resistant coating, corrosion resistant coating, abrasion resistant coating, electrical resistant coating, and even chemical resistant coating.

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Rhino Linings are the number one manufacturer and distributor of high and low pressure spray equipment and chemical lining systems. Providing dealers in New Zealand and worldwide with a complete product, equipment, and training support for over twenty years now, Rhino Linings are the most trusted full-service lining manufacturer.

Rhino Linings have hundreds of industrial, commercial, and military customers covering over seventy-five countries.

A comprehensive product line ensures all small commercial and major industrial business needs are met in an effective and efficient manner. Rhino Linings’ TUFF STUFF provides a thick grip liner for slip resistance, Rhino SP 900 offers a complete corrosion resistant coating, Duraspray delivers scratch resistance, Chem 2017 is great for chemical environments providing a chemical resistant coating, and finally Rexar is perfect for areas that need a fire resistant coating and electrical insulation coating. The comprehensive range of seamless quality protective coatings make Rhino Linings the one-stop-shop for all of your spray-on coating and lining needs.

Abrasion resistant coatings suitable for every surface

Consumers in New Zealand and around the world are providing great demand for seamless protective coating, and abrasion resistant coating application services. To meet this demand, upgrade your services, and improve your business’ profitability, why not consider using Rhino Linings’ spray-on products?

The revolutionary TUFF STUFF waterproofing systems are great for solving problems with leaky buildings, dripping flat rooves, split gutters, cracked swimming pools, and seeping water tanks. The simple to use spray-on waterproofing system is guaranteed to never crack, peel, or warp. To provide clients with a seamlessspray-on protective coating for nearly any surface area, check out Rhino Linings’ TUFF STUFF, the revolutionary waterproofing system.

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Rhino Linings provide their dealers with the complete package. Full product equipment, training, support, and advice are provided by the friendly and professional team at Rhino Linings. Extensive training and ongoing technical support is also provided to all product dealers to ensure they are using the systems effectively and profitably.

To find out more about how you can become a Rhino Linings product dealer and service provider, check out today. Alternatively, you can contact one of the friendly and helpful team members at Rhino Linings directly by emailing or free-calling 0800 744 667.