Why invest in good industrial flooring?

New Zealand health and safety laws require businesses to continually identify and reduce risks at work. To prevent accidents at the work place and protect workers, the public and other staff, businesses have to ensure flooring used inside and outside the building is safe, easy to use and maintain, slip resistant and suitable to their unique needs. Warehouses, loading bays, stairs, processing areas, car parks are all high-use facilities that should have industrial flooring that is able to contain leaks, chemicals,  exposure to heavy equipment and traffic. Slips and falls are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Unmarked changes in the level of the floor and poor condition of the floor due to wear and tear can result in costly health and safety issues.

The ideal seamless flooring for any site depends on what the surface is used for. Colours, textures, patterns and other design needs need to be considered along with the practical implications of costs in maintenance and repair. A well designed interior involves paying attention to aesthetic flooring.

Products from Poly Lining are ideal for seamless solutions that are without joints. They are part of the building’s structure, without ridges. Suitable for a range of industries such as food production, hospitality, education, healthcare and in public spaces such floors will work both inside and outside the facility. Rhino ArmaFloor is easy to use as it can be rolled, brushed or spray applied. Its unique composition means it is UV resistant. Adding texture using chips or coloured quartz granules makes it slip resistant. For wet areas, this can be particularly useful as they provide extra grip. Seamless skirting also means there is little dirt and build up of harmful viruses.

When applied it cures quickly. The floor can be accessed fully within 24 hours. It bonds to almost any surface – like woods, metals, concrete and fibreglass. An environmentally friendly product with zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) it can resist chemicals and this makes it suitable for manufacturing sites, auto-mechanic workshops, laboratories, hospitals and areas that require high reflectivity and durability. The seamless coverage ensures there is no trapped dust or moisture. This prevents bacterial growth resulting in a very hygienic environment that is easy to clean.

Specialists from Poly Lining can install the product on existing floors after curing the substrate. They will seal and coat the existing surface thoroughly before application. They can also discuss a range of finishes from high gloss to textured finishes to work out a totally customised solution. They project manage the entire installation and resolve any issues that can arise along the way. From design to application the company can provide a one-stop solution that will look good, meet all healthy and safety requirements, and is durable.