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Waterproofing System

RHINOS WATERPROOFING We are a member of New Zealand Licensed Building Practitioners, and we are the only spray-applyed Rhino Linings waterproof membrane applicator in Auckland. Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF is a revolutionary waterproof system. It is the latest technology in...

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Protective Coatings

PREMIUM ASSET PROTECTION Rhino Linings Industrial Division specialises in high performance spray applied protective linings for abrasion, corrosion, chemical and containment applications. Rapid application, rapid setting, 100% solid linings systems provide faster turnaround solutions for industry, reducing shut down costs...

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Floor Coatings

RHINO LININGS HAS A SOLUTION ALL YOUR FLOORING NEEDS! Rhino Linings has been providing innovative industrial coating solutions since 1988 and is proud to claim hundreds of industrial, commercial and military customers along with a global retail and industrial dealer...

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Marine Linings

TUFF STUFF ® MARINE LININGS Ski boats Fishing boats Skiffs Commercial vessels Sailboats Other marine applications Rhino Linings protects boats and marine vessels from the corrosive effects of salt water, sea air and abrasion. Not a paint-like coating, Rhino Linings...

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Rhino Ute Liner

TUFF STUFF ® Rhino Tuff Stuff is a premium protective linings protecting millions of vehicles from rust, corrosion, abrasion and impact. Beside its strength and durability, the Rhino Tuff Stuff elastomeric properties allow for vibration, contraction, expansion, flexing, and movement, while...

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