ArmaFloor 500 is a two-component, rapid curing, hybrid polyurea coating system designed as a decorative finish, yet is a durable coating for floors and other applications. Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, ArmaFloor500 is colour stable, allowing it to take UV exposure without colour shifts seen in other coating systems such as epoxies.


  • Fast cure allows rapid turnaround time; under normal conditions,
  • Robust application window with the ability to apply at low temperatures and high humidity.
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Good UV resistance and high gloss characteristics.
  • Bonds to virtually all substrates, including metals, woods, concrete, and fibreglass.
  • Low VOC’s; environmentally friendly.


  • Excellent durability as a base coat for ArmaFloor 400UHS Epoxy and ArmaFloor 500 polyaspartic floor coatings :
    • Garage floors
    • Laboratories
    • Restaurant floors
    • Aeroplanes
    • Public Toilet with Rhino Aramafloor
    • Entry and lobby areas
  • Creates a durable, seamless lining that conforms to any shape and size, fills holes.

Rhino Armafloor AF500 Data Sheet

Rhino ArmaFloor200 Data Sheet

Aramafloor 500 for Public Change Rooms

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