EcoSeal – A Leading-edge Technology Waterproofing Coating

EcoSeal is a Poly-aspartic waterproofing membrane that uses leading-edge technology. Ecoseal is a self-priming, high-flexible waterproof membrane designed for commercial building roofs, decks, external walls and internal gutters or external surfaces where toughness and long-lasting protection are needed. Also, suitable for wooden structures that require the highest level of protection and appearance.

It is a liquid applied waterproofing membrane that can be applied by roller, brush or spray applications to create a durable, seamless membrane for commercial and residential requirements, as well as a non-permeable wall tanking Liner.

EcoSeal is UV proof under New Zealand weather conditions.

Substantial Benefits of Eco Seal 100

  •  Cost-effective
  • One-step application, no primer required unless applied to bitumen or silicon-based substrates
  •  Superior shore hardness
  •  Ideal viscosity supports roller, brush and spray applications
  •  Exceptional adhesion, bonds to multiple substrates
  •  Proprietary modified poly-aspartic technology produces a durable seamless membrane
  •  Environmentally friendly, solvent-free, isocyanate-free and VOC free
  •  Tested by independent ISO 90001 laboratory for 10,000 hours UV weathering
  •  Contains latest German technology components

Download Product Datasheet:

ECO-Seal-Technic DataSheet

Eco-Seal Technical Manual official NZ copy

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