ArmaFloor is a one of the best waterproofing product on the market, single component, fast curing elastomeric polyurethane. RhinoSeal SP800 is a user friendly, high   build, permanently flexible waterproof membrane that exhibits excellent chemical resistance.

  • ArmaFloor meets the requirements of AS/NZ3740 Class III.
  • ArmaFloor complies with AS/NZ4654 for External Waterproofing Class III.
  • ArmaFloor can be applied directly to scuffed powder coated and colour bond sheeting without the application of a primer.
  • ArmaFloor adheres very well to Butynol coated surfaces that have been primed using Rhino prime.
  • ArmaFloor can be applied using a brush, roller or by pouring onto substrate and spreading with a gauge rake.
  • ArmaFloor can be subjected to pedestrian traffic after a minimum of 10 – 12 hours. This product is a high build, one coat application product.


  • Fast cure allowing rapid turnaround time; under normal conditions,
  • Robust application window with ability to apply at low temperatures and high humidity.
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Bonds to virtually all substrates, including metals, woods, concrete, and fibreglass.
  • Medium VOC’s.


  • Excellent durability as a base coat for ArmaFloor 400UHS Epoxy and ArmaFloor 500 polyaspartic floor coatings :
    • Garage floors
    • Laboratories
    • Restaurant floors
    • Airplane hangars
    • Entry and lobby areas<
  • Creates a durable, seamless lining which conforms to any shape and size, fills holes.

Rhino Armafloor AF500 Data Sheet

Rhino ArmaFloor200 Data Sheet

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