Rhino TUFF STUFF is a two-component, 100% solids (no VOCs, no solvents), exothermic, rapid curing, elastomeric polyurethane lining system.

TUFF STUFF is Rhino Linings premium liner product. A thick “ grippy ” liner that will provide maximum slip resistance for your cargo whilst providing maximum protection against corrosion, dings and dents. TUFF STUFF has been providing vehicle owners superior levels of protection since 1988 and to this day remains the World′s #1 Liner. TUFF STUFF is applied up to 2 − 3 times thicker than other liners providing more protection, more sound deadening, more slip resistance and more vibration absorption than any other liner on the market. If you want the very best protection for your vehicle than don′t accept imitations, demand the original and still the best, Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF.

  • Lining thickness varies based on application typically minimum of 3mm up to an unlimited thickness
  • Very good slip resistance
  • Good noise reduction
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent casting material


  • Excellent protective lining for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance.
  • Spray-on application creates a monolithic seamless lining, which conforms to any shape and size.
  • Elastomeric properties allow for application to surfaces subject to: vibration, expansion, contraction, movement, flexing, abrasion and impact.
  • Bonds virtually to all substrates of any dimension, including all metals, concrete, wood and fibreglass.
  • Reduces noise from vibration and impact.
  • Stable from –400C to 79.40C
  • Withstands light vehicular and foot traffic.
  • Casting material for material handling equipment such as Chutes, hoppers, rollers, etc.
  • Aggressive slip resistance performance can be achieved with aggregate integrated into the lining.
  • Waterproof Membrane, AS/NZ 4858:2004.
  • Potable Water Membrane, AS/NZ 4020:2002.

Rhino Tuff Stuff Data Sheet

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