RhinoChem 2170 is designed for aggressive chemical environments and total submersion applications.

Rhino Chem 2170 is a two-component, 100% solid, rapid curing elastomeric lining that displays excellent chemical and immersion characteristics. RhinoChem 2170 is highly cross-linked, resulting in a membrane liner that is extremely dense, providing superior protection against chemical attack.

  • Dense chemical structure imparts high impermeability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance


  • Durable protective lining with excellent chemical resistance for applications such as:
    • Primary and secondary chemical and water containment.
    • Chemical processing equipment, tank linings and wet wells.
    • Water and wastewater applications.
    • Immersion applications in ambient and elevated temperatures.
  • The spray-on application creates a monolithic, seamless lining, which conforms to any shape or size.
  • Applications require fast turnaround times and extended life cycles.
  • Stable from –40 °C to 100 °C.

If your project requires a seamless, impermeable chemical resistant lining that can be applied rapidly and cures instantly then talk to our technical department about Rhino Chem 2170.

Download RhinoChem 2170 Datasheet:

RhinoChem 2170 DataSheet

Rhino Chem 2170 chemical resistance chart

RhinoChem Waste Water Plant Flooring

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