Why protect concrete floors?

Poly Lining Ltd can transform any commercial or residential complex into a safe and beautiful space that will work for a very long time. Be it an office, store, garage, or workshop this flooring can be laid on an existing concrete floor and it will mask any unevenness creating a smooth finish. Chemical, food, paint spills will leave little impact as these linings are nonporous. It can be easily clean to remove any dirt or mess.

The tough coating available will last for years and will greatly improve the safety standards of the building. From a boring concrete look to a smart finish with flecked design options these linings are versatile and will fit any public or private space well.

These linings work just as well outside as they do indoors. Patios that are wearing out could benefit from a brand new coating to protect it from the weather, scratches from furniture being moved and BBQ spills. For energetic kids running around wildly or those who could be wobbly on their feet this flooring will work well. It can be fitted around a pool or deck while protecting the structural integrity of the floor.

Professionals from Poly Lining Ltd can help choose a system that is UV resistant, will resist fading and can handle rough use. These linings are friendly for pets and their owners. It is easy to clean up after pets as spills, hair and other disasters can quickly be managed. As these linings are very easy to clean up, and resist microbes it is a much more hygienic area for the household. The linings are free of harmful chemicals which makes it environment friendly.

Poly Lining Ltd has the expertise in preparing the concrete surface to a perfect application that will not just restore but enhance any concrete floor.