Rhino Lining Roof Gutter Waterproofing

Rhino Lining Roof Gutter Waterproofing

Waterproofing a gutter is one of the most important steps to take to avoid your building from getting damaged. A gutter has only one function: collecting rainwater running off the roof and channelling it with proper slopes, underground into drains. However, gutters play an integral role in maintaining structural integrity for any buildings’ entire life cycle.

Gutters are susceptible to deterioration much quicker than other parts of a building such as roof membranes and require repairs for structural integrity as well as preventing leaks inside the building that can cause potential problems.

Rhino Linings has the advanced feature of any waterproofing membrane on the current NZ market. Unlike other waterproofing membranes from professional brands as ArdexMapei, and Nuralite, to retail hardware store DIY waterproofing products like Bunnings and Mitre 10, Rhino Linings has many unique features:

  1.  Spray-applied waterproofing membrane.
  2.  Fast set membrane, curing in 20 seconds.
  3.  Can apply 3 mm thickness of a membrane in one go.
  4.  Seamless and durable membranes without any overlap

All our work covers our full workmanship warranty and a minimum of 10 Year product warranty

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