Rhino Seamless Protective Coating

Spray-on seamless waterproofing coatings

Many surfaces in our homes and businesses require a protective coating to avoid becoming damaged. Rhino Linings supplies spray-on coatings to not only protect surface areas, but to solve waterproofing problems which may have already occurred. Leaky buildings, seeping flat roofs, cracked swimming pools, dripping gutters, and even water tank cracks can be quickly and efficiently solved by the products manufactured and supplied by Rhino Linings.

Anti-abrasion coating manufacturer, rhino linings

Rhino Linings have been providing industrial protective coating solutions, to serve many purposes, since 1988. Hundreds of industrial, commercial, and retail customers trust Rhino Linings to supply top of the line protective coating materials and applicators, including electrical insulation coating, abrasion resistant coating, chemical resistant coating, corrosion resistant coating, impact resistant coating, and even fire resistant coating.

Rhino coating for the water feature case study

A recent seamless spray-on coating of Rhino TUFF STUFF on the Silo Park water feature has restored the functionality of this beloved Auckland landmark. The water feature which was leaking huge amounts of water every night, had a 3 mm thick spray-on coating applied over its geo-textiles. The Auckland water front feature is now in working order and has been certified by the Auckland City Council, thanks to the team at Rhino Linings.

An all in one corrosion, abrasion, electrical, chemical, fire and impact resistant coating

Rhino Linings offer a wide range of spray-on protective coating products which can eliminate leaks and the potential for surface damage. Seamless fire resistant coating, electrical insulation coating, abrasion resistant coating, chemical resistant coating, corrosion resistant coating, and impact resistant coating can all be sourced in an efficient and cost effective manner at Rhino Linings.

Rhino Linings are the only company in the world to manufacture such a wide range of high and low pressure component spray-on equipment and chemical lining systems. The authorised spray-on protective coating manufacturer and dealer is located in central Auckland and can assist small and large businesses throughout New Zealand.

The team of friendly and experienced water-proof material manufacturers at Rhino Linings, are always happy to discuss your heavy industrial or light commercial protective coating needs. To find out more about the products and services on offer at Rhino Linings you can visit their website www.rhinos.co.nz or contact them directly by free-calling 0800 744 667