Rhino Trafficable Waterproofing Liner for Deck/Patios

Rhino Waterproofing for Deck/Patios

Waterproofing deck/patios should meet two criteria: be watertight under natural weather changes and daily foot traffic.

In New Zealand, most of the houses have timber structured with a plywood floor. Every waterproofing application faces a fundamental problem:

1, The waterproofing membrane must be durable enough to hold the timber movement from the weather change from high moisture +85% in Winter to lower moisture 20% in Summer.

2, The waterproofing membrane must be strong enough to handle daily foot traffic and outdoor activities (e.g. kids play area, BBQ area, or house parties)

Every property owner wishes to have a strong, durable and seamless deck membrane to protect their property from seasonal changes and water damage.

Rhino Waterproofing System has Passed Wet Area Membranes AS4858:2004 by CSIRO Australia tested.

Unlike other waterproofing membranes, from industrial brands such as ArdexMapeiNuralite to retail hardware store DIY waterproofing products like BunningsMitre 10; Rhino Linings has the advanced features of any waterproofing membrane on the current NZ market:

  1. Spray-applied waterproofing membrane.
  2. Durable and seamless rubberised membranes.
  3. Fast set membrane, curing in 20 seconds.
  4. The membrane can be sprayed with 3 mm thickness in one go.

All our work covers our full workmanship warranty and a minimum of 10 Year product warranty.

New Build Plywood Deck Waterproofing 1812

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