Chemical-Resistant Floor Coating

Rhino Linings’ chemical-resistant floor coatings provide durable and long-lasting protection for industrial and commercial floors exposed to harsh chemicals, abrasion, and other challenging conditions. Chemical-resistant floorings find applications in various industries, including manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities, laboratories, warehouses, automotive garages, etc. No matter your requirements, we guarantee that we will carry out your project to the highest detail with our trained and experienced applicators.

Chemical Resistant Floorings Offer Superior Protection

Rhino Linings’ chemical-resistant flooring is engineered for exceptional durability. It is specially formulated to withstand a wide range of chemicals, acids, solvents, and other corrosive substances commonly found in industrial environments.

  •  Offers high resistance to wear, impact, and abrasion, ensuring a long-lasting service life for protected floor
  • The seamless and waterproof nature creates a protective barrier on the floor surface, effectively preventing the penetration of liquids, which is particularly crucial in environments where spills are common.
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze, significantly enhancing the overall hygiene and sanitation of the floor area.
  • Boasts fast curing times, minimising downtime during the application process and allowing businesses to resume their operations quickly.
  • Offers slip-resistant surfaces, promoting a safer environment for workers and visitors in the area.

Rhino Linings provides customisable solutions with various coatings, each offering different properties and thicknesses. This flexibility enables tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of different projects. Many of Rhino Linings’ chemical-resistant floor coatings are an ideal protective solution, providing a robust barrier against spills, leaks, or the seepage of hazardous materials into the surrounding environment. Effectively safeguard your equipment and facilities and reduce the risk of environmental contamination and damage caused by leaks or spills. This proactive approach ensures a safer working environment and helps optimise long-term operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For those seeking top-tier floor protection against chemicals, contact Rhino Linings for a guaranteed solution today.