Commercial Decoration Floor Coatings

Rhino Commercial Decoration Floor Coatings

Rhino ArmaFloor system combines strength, beauty, and durability, using cutting-edge Polyaspartic Technology, providing significant advantages over traditional polymer coatings. It offers a range of proven flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications including flaked floor coatings. Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, ArmaFloor is colour stable, meaning it won’t yellow or fade, allowing it also to be used outdoors around your pool, patio, walkways, not just your garage floor!

It is tough, extremely durable and designed to take industrial wear and tear, Rhino ArmaFloor not only looks great but delivers a coating that is made to last a lifetime.

Features & Benefits:

* Easy to maintain.
* Environmentally friendly.
* Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
* Chemical resistany
* Excellent UV resistance.
* Hot tyre peel proof – meaning tyre marks are easily washed away.
* Achieve a variety of colours, patterns, logos, using decorative flakes, particles or signs.

Aramafloor 500 for Public Change Rooms
Flooring with Rhino Armafloor for Public shower Rooms
Rhino ArmaFloor Colour Chart01
Rhino ArmaFloor Colour Chart02
Rhino ArmaFloor Colour Chart03

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