Food-Grade Factory Flooring

Rhino Linings’ food factory flooring is engineered to withstand daily work without affecting the taste or odours of food. Elevate your facility with surfaces that meet the unique challenges posed by the food industry, providing a foundation for pristine hygiene and operational excellence.

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What Makes Our Flooring “Food-Grade”?

Our food-grade flooring excels in adhering to stringent hygiene standards and food factory-specific guidelines.

  • Non-Slip Properties: Ensures safety with non-slip properties in wet food factories prone to liquid spillage.
  • Chemical Resistance: Exhibits chemical resistance against organic acids common in bakery and beer production while offering resilience against abrasion.
  • Non-Porous Base: Prevents bacterial, fungal, and mould proliferation.
  • Temperature Resistance: Resists extreme temperatures and sudden changes, remaining thermal shock resistant near ovens or cold storage rooms.
  • Hardwearing: Withstands heavy loads, remains dirt and chemical-free, and facilitates easy cleaning, embodying the pinnacle of food-grade excellence.

What Are the Benefits of Food Factory Flooring?

  • Promotes Food Safety and Hygiene: Food factory flooring prioritises hygiene, adhering to strict standards that prevent bacterial growth and contamination, ultimately safeguarding the integrity of food production.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Designed for practicality, our flooring facilitates easy cleaning, streamlines maintenance routines, and ensures a consistently sterile environment. This feature is vital in meeting hygiene regulations and sustaining a safe working space.
  • Reduces Long-Term Maintenance Costs: The durability and resilience of food-grade flooring material results in reduced maintenance costs, providing a long-lasting solution that withstands the challenges of a demanding industrial setting.
  • Improves Worker Safety: Non-slip properties of food flooring contribute to a safer working environment, particularly in areas prone to liquid spillage. Enhance the overall safety of your workers by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with slippery surfaces.
  • Enhances the Overall Appearance of the Facility: Beyond functionality, the clean, well-maintained appearance of sparkling flooring creates a positive impression, reflecting a commitment to hygiene and professionalism.

Expert food factory flooring installation ensures it has the proper pitch for adequate drainage and hygiene. From cold storage to commercial bakeries and large-scale industrial processing factories, contact us to secure the ideal food-grade flooring for your Auckland factory today!

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