Providing seamless protection against Impact, Corrosion, Abrasion, Chemical Attack and Containment

Rhino Linings flexible, seamless and impervious linings offer an incredibly strong and easy to apply solution to meeting EPA requirements and will provide long term cost effective protection for your company′s assets.

Rhino Linings proprietary formulations meet stringent EPA requirements and are highly chemical resistant even at elevated temperatures.

From chemical containment to potable water Rhino Linings has a spray applied, instant curing solution.

Traditional concrete, fibreglass, paint like and sheet membrane products simply cannot match the flexibility and strength of Rhino Linings. Able to withstand vehicular traffic, high impact and moving substrates Rhino Linings is the answer to all your containment issues.


Being spray applied and instant curing Rhino Linings provides a seamless, impervious containment lining to any thickness in just one application. Pipe work, fittings, and support structures are easily incorporated into the lining eliminating seams and overlap joins guaranteeing the liners integrity.

Costly down time is significantly reduced compared to other lining methods ultimately saving you money.

Rhino Linings tenaciously adheres to virtually any substrate including steel, wood, fibreglass, concrete and rubber and is guaranteed never to crack, peel or warp.


Environmental and anti-pollution regulations are becoming more onerous. EPA regulations and guidelines state:-

“The Bund floor and wall must be constructed of materials impervious to the contents of any tank or container within the bund.”Further more “The Bunded area must be capable of preventing the migration of any spillage to the surrounding environment.”

A strong, flexible and seamless lining by Rhino Linings will ensure that you can comply with EPA regulations regardless of substrate porosity and cracking. Contact Rhino Linings to discuss how the world’s number 1 spray applied lining company can help you on your next project.

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