Commercial Carpark Waterproofing

Without proper commercial car park waterproofing, water can seep into cracks and joints, causing structural damage over time. Moisture infiltration can create an environment conducive to mould and mildew growth, damaging the car park’s structure and affecting indoor air quality, posing health risks to occupants.

Waterproofing creates a barrier that prevents water infiltration, protecting the concrete or asphalt from deterioration.

Tuff Stuff is Rhino’s premium waterproofing membrane. This spray-applied material ensures a seamless membrane application with 375% elastomeric elongation. This provides excellent durability against concrete substrate movement for commercial car parks and apartment buildings, especially regarding rooftop water leakage and weather damage.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Long Lasting Protection

Rhino Linings is the most advanced applicator of any car park trafficable membrane on the NZ market. Our commercial car park waterproofing system features:

1.  A spray-on membrane application that meets any thickness as required.

2.  Durable and seamless rubberised membranes with 375% elongation.

3.  A fast-setting membrane that cures in 20 seconds.

Commercial car park waterproofing protects against water damage and extends the lifespan of your car park. By preventing water-related damage and minimising the effects of freeze-thaw cycles, your structure remains stable and intact for years. This reduces the need for constant maintenance, saving you money on repairs, renovations, and potential legal complications due to negligence.

Create a positive first impression for visitors, tenants, and customers. Investing in this long-term solution lets you focus on what matters: your core business.

Rhino Linings prides itself on providing customers with the best service possible. We work hard on our technical skills and improve workmanship wherever necessary to ensure high-quality standards with every job. Our over 20 years of experience speaks volumes about how reliable we are at meeting these expectations. Contact us today for a reliable and durable commercial car park waterproofing service!