Commercial Carpark Waterproofing

Tuff Stuff is Rhino premium waterproofing membrane. This spray-applied material ensures the membrane remain seamless and has 375% elastomeric elongation at the same time as providing excellent durability against substrate movement for concrete substrates like commercial Carpark and apartment buildings, especially when it comes to rooftop water leakage and weather damage.

Rhino Linings provides customers with the best service possible by working hard on their technical skills as well as improving workmanship wherever necessary in order to ensure high standards of quality resolute – over 20 years experience speaks volumes about how reliable they are at meeting these expectations already too!

Rhino Linings has the advanced feature of any Carpark Trafficable membrane on the NZ market, Such as: SWP Cmmercial, ASphaltech waterproofing

  1. Rhino Linings is a spray-on membrane application to meet any thickness as required.
  2. Durable and seamless rubberised membranes with 375% elongation.
  3. Fast set membrane, curing in 20 seconds.