Vehicle Protective Linings

Vehicle Protective Linings

With world #1 Rubber liner, Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff is the best choice to ensure your vehicle loads stay in place.

With a slip-resistant surface, your load has a far smaller chance of sliding and causing damage to the vehicle and secures items safely while the vehicle is moving.

Load shifting during transportation is a major safety concern for both the driver and other road users, and that is why laws are becoming stricter to ensure loads are properly latched and positioned on top of anti-slip material.

Rhino Protective Coating/ Rhino Tuff Stuff  Applications:

  • Skid-resistant truck beds
  • Truck lift gates
  • Aggressive non-slip performance applications
  • Commercial trucks and cargo trailers
  • Military trucks tanks and vehicles
  • Vibration absorption applications

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