Rhino Ute Liner


Rhino Tuff Stuff is a premium protective linings protecting millions of vehicles from rust, corrosion, abrasion and impact.

Beside its strength and durability, the Rhino Tuff Stuff elastomeric properties allow for vibration, contraction, expansion, flexing, and movement, while at the same time keeping the liners integrity regardless of the thickness of the coating.   Surface coatings are applied to the customers requirements and can including a matte, textured or sanded finish for a slip resistant surface.  To increase weather and UV resistance sealing with a Top Coat is suggested.

Rhino Tuff Stuff Typical Industrial Applications:

  • Skid resistant truck beds
  • Truck lift gates
  • Aggressive non-slip performance applications
  • Commercial trucks and cargo trailers
  • Military trucks tanks and vehicles
  • Vibration absorption applications

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