Sprayed Electrical insulation coating

Spray applied electrical insulation coating

Heavy industrial, light commercial, and automotive businesses need look no further, Rhino Linings are the world’s number one manufacturer and distributor of spray-on protective coating materials. Rhino Linings have been manufacturing and distributing seamless spray applied coating materials and equipment for over twenty five years now, and their superior systems have been utilized by hundreds of companies in New Zealand and all around the globe.

Producer of quality spray-on abrasion resistant coatings

As the manufacturer and supplier of their own specialised equipment and lining systems, Rhino Linings are able to offer you and your business superior products, services, and advice. Seamless floor lining products, waterproofing equipment, industrial lining systems, and automotive lining can be sourced quickly, simply, and cost effectively from Rhino Linings. Rhino Linings are the number one manufacturer and distributor of abrasion resistant coating, electrical insulation coating, chemical resistant coating, corrosion resistant coating, impact resistant coating, and fire resistant coating,both in New Zealand and around the globe.

Rhino Linings have a wide range of quality spray-onprotective coating products suitable for a wide range of home and business purposes. Rhino Linings premium spray-on coating;TUFF STUFF, Rhino Seal SP800 water-proofer, Durasprayprotective coating, Hi-Chem resistant protector, and the spray-on fire retardant Rexar, are all available for purchase from Rhino Linings.

The benefits of spray-on protective coatings

Commercial and residential consumers across New Zealand have a high demand for quality seamlessprotective coating services. With the skills and products sourced from Rhino Linings, your business can provide superior products and services while ensuring yourself a high profit.

Leaky buildings, dripping rooves, unsecure decks, split gutters, cracked water tanks, and leaking swimming pools can all be solved by utilising the Rhino Linings’ premium TUFF STUFF lining. Consumers looking for electrical insulation coating, abrasion resistant coating, chemical resistant coating, corrosion resistant coating, impact resistant coating, and fire resistant coating can all be assisted with the help of Rhino Linings’ product and equipment training.

Source your seamlessimpact resistant coating today

Rhino Linings provide dealers with intensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure the business’ success. Dealers using Rhino Linings spray-on protective coatings are provided with equipment and chemical systems to provide customers with the best possible protective coating solutions. Rhino Linings’ commitment to supporting you and our business from beginning to end makes their chemical lining systems the best possible option for your business, your employees, and most importantly, your clients.

Rhino Linings are conveniently located in central Auckland. To contact Rhino Linings directly, you can free-call them on 0800 744 667 or email info@rhinos.co.nz. Alternatively, to find out more about the products and services Rhino Linings have on offer, simply visit www.rhinos.co.nz.

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