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Rhino Linings – A World leading Industrial Protective Linings

As an authorised Rhino Linings dealer, we specialise in vehicle protective coatings, spray-applied waterproofing membranes, industrial floor coatings, marine applications and military protective coatings. Rhino Linings provides premium spray applied protective coatings and linings for corrosion resistance, impact, chemical and abrasion resistance, waterproofing solutions, tank linings and pipe linings in addition to polyaspartic and epoxy for Commercial and industrial floor coatings.

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Rhino Waterproofing System

RHINOS WATERPROOFING We are a member of New Zealand Licensed Building Practitioners, and we are the only spray-applied Rhino Linings waterproof membrane applicator in Auckland. Rhino Linings is a revolutionary…

Vehicle Protective Linings

Vehicle Protective Linings With world #1 Robberies liner, Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff is the best choice to ensure your vehicle loads stay in place. With a slip-resistant surface, your load…

Floor Coatings

RHINO LININGS HAS A SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR FLOORING NEEDS! Rhino Linings Flooring products meet industry standards and can conform to any specification. They are seamless, food-safe, chemical resistant, and…

Primary/Secondary Containment Applications

Primary/Secondary Containment Applications Rhino Linings Industrial Division specialises in high-performance spray applied protective linings for abrasion, corrosion, chemical and containment applications. Rhino Linings polyurethane and polyurea formulations offer superior solutions…

Marine Applications

MARINE LININGS Rhino Linings protects boats and marine vessels from the corrosive effects of saltwater, sea air and abrasion. Not a paint-like coating, Rhino Linings polyurethane provides a tough, flexible…

Our Products


EcoSeal – A Leading-edge Technology Waterproofing Coating EcoSeal is a Poly-aspartic waterproofing membrane that uses leading-edge technology. Ecoseal is a self-priming, high-flexible waterproof membrane designed for commercial building roofs, decks, external walls and internal gutters or external

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RhinoGuard 2185

RhinoGuard 2185 is a two-component, elastomeric polyurethane/polyurea hybrid membrane lining system. Because the addition of Polyurea technology provides enhanced moisture tolerance during application. RhinoGuard 2185 contains predominantly Polyurethane …

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RHINO REXAR, a military-grade protective linings Rexar is 100% solids, spray-applied elastomeric hybrid polyurethanes protective linings designed to meet specific military requirements whilst still providing superior abrasion, impact, …

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